MedCity studio is a rental photography studio that is open to photographers of all levels. We have an assortment of backgrounds, props and lights that are available with the standard rental fee. I'm here to help and my goal is for everyone to leave with pictures they are proud of. In addition to strobe lighting we also have continuous lighting that is much easy to to understand and work with for people not familiar with lighting techniques.


Work, Learn, and Collaborate

MedCity Studio is an open environment that aims to be a space for photographers, videographers and creatives to work, learn and collaborate. 

Commercial space downtown is expensive and not always the best investment for photographers. MedCity Studio allows everyone to have access to a creative space they can learn, experiment, grow and work with their clients.

MedCity Studio is open by appointment.  


Schedule Appointment

MedCity Studio is open by appointment.

We offer affordable hourly and daily rental rates. Rent the studio and host your next photography session at this beautiful convenient location in Rochester. 

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  • Strobe Lighting (4-Alien Bee B400s)

(2) 12x60 Strip Softbox 

(1) 48″ PLM Umbrella Box 

(1) 22" Beauty Dish

(4) Honeycomb grids

(3) Umbrellas(shoot thru, reflective, white)

(4) wireless triggers with remote

(2) Sony hot shoe adapters

  • Continuous Lights(Daylight balanced CFL—non strobe/flash)

(1)Impact Octacool-9 Fluorescent Light with 29.5˝ Octabox 

(2)Impact Octa 4 lights with 24” Octa Softboxes

(1) Impact 4 Light fixture with Rectangular 20 x 27.5" Softbox


10'x12' Muslin/Cloth Backdrops: black, grey, white, chromakey green

107″ Savage Seamless Paper: white, black, thunder gray, studio blue, mint green, orange, gray tint

Vinyl Backdrops/Baby Drops: White wood floor/white brick wall, brown wood floor/brown brick wall, reddish brown wood floor/brown wall, chalkboard, cream, baby blue, light pink, blue starry night


There are many props included in the rental fee such as blankets, assorted fabric, faux fur, baskets, space heater(for infant photography) kid’s chairs and stools, flowers, wooden blocks, chalkboard, adult chairs, ottomans and more!